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Chennai Central Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release date

Chennai Central Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

Chennai Central full movie Hindi dubbed download.

Chennai Central Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release date
Chennai Central Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Confirm Release date 

Chennai Central
Movies Story

Raju allows Anbu shift to the seventh Block after he cleverly smuggles in contraband for Raju. Meanwhile, Senthil remains seeking to harbor political aspirations via a local flesh presser named Muthu, who is also in prison.

Chennai Central Movie's cast $ Crew        

  • Dhanush as Anbu, a skilled carrom player and Padma's love interest
  • Ameer as Rajan, a prominent local smuggler in North Madras who is respected by the locals
  • Andrea Jeremiah as Chandra, Rajan's wife who later marries Guna
  • Aishwarya Rajesh as Padma, Anbu's love interest
  • Samuthirakani as Guna, a member of Rajan's gang and Chandra's husband
  • Kishore as Senthil, a member of Rajan's gang
  • Pawan as Velu, a member of Rajan's gang and Siva's elder brother
  • Sai Dheena as "Jawa" Pazhani, member of Rajan's gang
  • Daniel Balaji as Thambi, Rajan's younger brother
  • Radha Ravi as Muthu, a politician and Rajan's ex-boss
  • Subramaniam Siva as Mani, a man who works alongside Velu and Anbu
  • Vincent Asokan as Asst. Commissioner of Police
  • Rajesh Sharma as Chanchal
  • Saran Shakthi as Kannan, Padma's younger brother
  • Hari Krishnan as Raju, Senthil's henchman
  • Pavel Navageethan as Siva, Velu's younger brother
  • Ragavendhar as Rasigan
  • Munnar Ramesh
  • Sendrayan as Localite Resident (cameo appearance)

    Chennai Central Movie's Release Date

    The movie is scheduled to release on 2 October .The Satellite Rights has been bagged by Sen Tamil at a profitable price.

    Chennai Central Movie's Trailer

    Chennai Central Movie's Box Office Collection

    The movie has done excellent business in its 1st day and continues its steady in 2nd day too. The movie has collected 4.50 crore on its 1st day and manage to collect around 3 crores on its 2nd day of box office and the movie has collected 4.80 crores on its 3rd day of the box office. The movie has got positive reviews from the audience which helps to grow up in the future collection.

    Chennai Central Movie's Reviews

    1987: Guna , "Jawa" Pazhani, Velu, and Senthil kill a "excessive profile" man at a restaurant in North Madras. Senthil requests Guna and Velu to give up for the homicide whilst he bails them out. A year later, the pair continues to be in jail, and it creates a rift among them and Senthil, regardless of Mani and Thambi, the brother of the deceased man, intervening.

    2000: The new warden of the Madras Central Prison plans to weed out all nefarious activities inside the jail, that are being controlled via Senthil from the seventh Block. Senthil by no means steps out of the seventh Block, fearing for his life from Gunas men inside the 11th Block. Anbu and Velus brother Siva are introduced into the prison for combating. Anbu saves considered one of Senthil henchmen, Raju, from being killed by way of Siva. Anbu is positioned in the eleventh Block below Velu and Mani. During a raid, he gives away a mobile cellphone belonging to Mani and is nearly killed for doing so, before being saved by the warden.

    1991: Anbu, Carrom, & Padma

    Anbu is a professional carrom player, and Siva often receives him to play bet fits for him. On the night Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated, the entire hamlet where Anbu lives loots nearby shops and makes away with diverse goods. A masked girl steals a sewing device from Anbu, but he we could her go. The subsequent morning, local law enforcement officials, along side Thambi, come to recover the stolen items. Despite having his goods returned, the shopkeeper is keen on filing a complaint in opposition to Anbu, as Anbu had hit him the previous night, under the pretext of not returning the sewing machine. Anbu, in turn, is going and accosts the girl, Padma, but she refuses to go back it. Anbu gets overwhelmed up through the shopkeeper and loses badly in that year carrom match. Anbu and Padma begin a relationship, throughout the path of which Anbu saves Guna from agreement killers during a festival. The killers reveal that they're Senthil men, and things handiest worsen among Guna and Senthil.

    2000: Raju allows Anbu shift to the seventh Block after he cleverly smuggles in contraband for Raju. Meanwhile, Senthil remains seeking to harbor political aspirations via a local flesh presser named Muthu, who is also in prison.

    1996: Anbu, Padma, & Pazhani

    Pazhani teases Padma after she and Anbu are stuck kissing. Pazhani also beats up Padma brother Kannan. Anbu is going to speak to Pazhani however is crushed up as well. After no one is willing to help Anbu, he goes returned with weapons to threaten him however finally ends up killing Pazhani. Pazhani guys chase Anbu, however he escapes.

    2000: Anbu requests Senthil to organize a carrom tournament for the prisoners, so one can also help Senthil to make peace with the strict Jail Chief and additionally sell his political aspirations. The tournament is conducted in the course of the Jail. Senthil, Siva and Anbu all proceed to the knock-out quarter-finals. The very last three rounds of the match are held inside the common jail courtyard, which means that Senthil have to come out. Velu and Mani try to make use of the possibility to kill Senthil and closely arm their boys. Senthil is alerted and receives ready to kill his to be assassins with their personal weapons. However, Senthil right thumb is injured accidentally, and he withdraws from the match. Anbu and Siva proceed to the finals, and Anbu requests Senthil to be gift for the finals to raise morale. Senthil agrees and comes to watch the final. Immediately after Anbu wins the very last, the event tent is collapsed, and  gangs clash. Senthil is capable of aptly shield himself. Unfortunately at the remaining minute, Anbu stabs Senthil inside the neck with a wood shard damaged from the carrom board, leaving him closely injured and paralyzed for life. Raju is the most effective witness but does not talk as Anbu spared his existence from Siva. Anbu then explains his loyalty closer to Guna to Raju.

    1996: Anbu, Guna, & Chandra

    After Anbu kills Pazhani, Thambi sends him to Guna. Guna wife Chandra convinces Guna to ship his personal brother Shankar in Anbu place to jail, because it will advantage everyone. Senthil murders Shankar in jail, so Anbu pledges his lifestyles to Guna. Sometime later, trying to verify a celebration post, Senthil surrenders himself to the police officers and calls for a truce with Guna, however Guna comes to know that Senthil has requested Guna and Velu's call to a police hit list. He calls Anbu to assist him and gives him with a plan to benefit Senthi consider in jail and subsequently kill him.

    2000: Anbu is bailed out of prison by means of Guna but tells him that he does now not want to work for Guna and desires to hone carrom gamers instead. Anbu then marries Padma.

    2003: At a coming-of-age ceremony for Thambi daughter, a street contractor requests Guna and Senthil to come together to assist in evicting humans from Anbu hamlet with the promise of homes and jobs. Anbu friend Hameed has petitioned towards the mission, and Guna requests Anbu help to talk Hameed out of it. Anbu then tells the whole thing to Padma, including Rajan story and how he had fought for the local human beings.

    1987: Anbu, Rajan, and the Hood

    Rajan is the most important smuggler in North Madras and works for Muthu. Muthu requests Raja help with clearing out the hamlets for a road task. Rajan stands in opposition to Muthu and vows to shield his hood and prevents his smuggling activities. He also marries Chandra. Muthu, considering the fact that Rajan will now not help him, informs the cops about his smuggling activities. When the cops come, Rajan kidnaps the ACP and refuses to allow him go until the road assignment is known as off. Rajan is hailed a hero in the hood for preventing the mission.

    When MGR dies, Rajan is going to his funeral. Muthu, meanwhile, instigates Senthil to smuggle contraband and then suggestions the police, leading to Senthil and the others getting stuck. Senthil, Guna, Velu, and Pazhani are crushed up by using Rajan for operating in opposition to his wishes, and they therefore plot Rajan death. They get Thambi to name Rajan to a inn wherein Rajan tells them that he will assist them turn out to be big. They are hesitant to kill him, however while their plot gets revealed, they hack Rajan (the dead guy from the hole scene) to death. Rajan, whilst dying, requests Thambi to chorus from doing something and let matters be. Chandra vows to avenge Rajan death.

    2003: At the meeting with the road contractor, Anbu, like Rajan, makes a stand for the humans of the hood and refuses to endorse the project. Guna, enraged that Anbu went up against him, lets Senthil brother-in-law Kumar, a cop, recognize that it became Anbu who stabbed Senthil. Chandra then reveals that how all that has befell up to now are her doing. She had despatched men to kill Guna throughout the festival, but Anbu stored him.

    She makes a decision to marry Guna to apply him to help kill the other three concerned in Rajan death. She delivered Guna and Velu names to the hit list and drives a wedge among Guna and Velu. She receives Guna to go away the hood with her. She sends Rajan guys to help guard Anbu from Kumar. Kumar unearths Anbu but is overwhelmed by means of him. Anbu then meets Guna as he leaves the hood and warns him to leave him alone. Chandra offers Rajan old domestic to Anbu. The film ends with Anbu taking on Rajan purpose of preventing for the people.

    Guna 369 Movie's songs Lyrics

    Bujji Bujji Bangaram Lyrics 

    Kalalo Kooda Kashtam Kadhe Ee Hayi, Katha Mottham Thipesave Ammayi,

    Vadalakunda Pattukunta Nee Cheyi, Nuv Atta Nachesavoi Abbayi,

    Nammaleka Nammaleka Nannu Gicchukuntunna, Noppi Putti Ekkadleni, Santhoshamlo Thulluthunna,

    Navvaleka Navvaleka Potta Pattukona, Picchi Patti Nuvvese Chindhulne Choosthunna,

    Thappadhika Bharinchave Na Bangaram, Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Vayyaram Challuthundi Theepi Karam,

    Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Yavvaram Thenchutundi Siggu Dharam,

    Ye Sontha Voorilo Kalla Mundarey, Kottha Dharulenno Puttayey, Anthelera Jantagunte Anthelera,

    Sontha Varitho Vunnaninnaley, Gurthuramu Pomanannayey, Jathalo Padithe Jarigey,

    Jadhu Idhega Muddhulenno Pettaliga, Petti Gallo Pampaliga, Oopirantha Gandham Aipoyenthaga,

    Mundukoche Unnanuga Endukamma Inka Daga, Nannu Malli Malli Voorinchenthaga,

    Thappadhika Bharinchara Na Bangaram, Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Yavvaram Minchipothe Peddha Neram,

    Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Vayyaram Pettamaku Antha Dhooram,

    Ye Ninnu Thakithe Okkasariga, Pattukunde Nannu Adhrushtam, Challe Challe Ekkuvaindi Thaggnchalley,

    Unna Janmani Mundhu Janmani, Chutti Icchinanu Nee Ishtam, Arere Adhigo Mudhire Paithyam Adheley,

    Unna Janmani Mundhu Janmani, Chutti Icchinanu Nee Ishtam, Arere Adhigo Mudhire Paithyam Adheley,

    Enno Enno Annaruley, Enno Enno Vinnamuley, Vatti Matallone Enno Vinthaley,

    Sarle Sarle Cheppavuley, Sandhu Sandhu Thippavuley, Vachi Chethallone Choopistha Bhaley,

    Thappadhika Bharinchana Na Bangaram,
    Bujji Bujji Bangaram,

    Nee Yavvaram Nacchutundi Sukravaram,
    Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram,

    Nee Vayyaram Gucchuthundi Poola Haram,

    Guna 369 Movie's All Full Songs

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