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Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download in Hindi Dubbed

Sarileru Neekevvaru full movie download in Hindi Dubbed.

Movie's Story

Major Ajay Krishna (Mahesh Babu) could be a brave adventures military officer, World Health Organization  is on the thanks to Kurnool to fulfil his colleague’s responsibilities. Bharati (Vijayashanti), World Health Organization wherever a sincere prof within the town of Kurnool and her family was targeted by the native minister Nagendra (Prakash Raj) to kill. however major Ajay saves Bharati and her family from Nagendra forms the remainder of the plot of the flick.

Movie's cast $ Crew

  • Mahesh Babu as Major Ajay Krishna
  • Rashmika Mandanna as Samskruthi
  • Vijayashanti as Bharathi, Medical College Professor
  • Prakash Raj as MLA Nagendra Reddy
  • Rajendra Prasad as Prasad, Ajay's colleague
  • Rao Ramesh as Raghav, Samskruthi's father
  • Posani Krishna Murali as Constable K. Murli
  • Brahmaji as Mrudanga Rao
  • Tanikella Bharani as Minister Venkateshwar Anandaraju
  • Vennela Kishore as Kishore, Crime Branch Koti's assistant
  • Satya Dev as Ajay (Cameo appearance)
  • Ajay as Arvind Sivashankar, Nagendra's henchman
  • Subbaraju as Kautilya 'Koti' Jayendra Murthy (Crime Branch)
  • Murali Sharma as Prakash
  • Raghu Babu as Teacher Ramnarayan
  • Jayaprakash Reddy as Rangaswamy Naidu
  • Rajeev as Ramakrishna
  • Bandla Ganesh as Blade Ganesh
  • Sangeetha as Swarajyam
  • Hari Teja as Swetcha
  • Sathya
  • Chaitanya Krishna as Ravi
  • Krishna as Alluri Seetarama Raju (Cameo appearance - Archive footage)
  • Tamannaah in the party song, "Daang Daang"[8]
  • Anil Ravipudi (cameo appearance in climax)
  • Devi Sri Prasad (cameo appearance in mindblock song)
  • Sekhar (cameo appearance in mind block song)

Movie's Release Date

Sarileru Neekevvaru was certified with 'U/A' Certificate by Central Board of Film Certification and released on 11 January 2020.

Movie's Trailer

Movie's Reviews

Review: With Sarileru Neekevvaru, Anil Ravipudi brings back the recent Mahesh baboo, somebody WHO contend assertive characters that fought, danced, saved the day and delivered speeches seeped in morality. There’s enough drama, feeling and most significantly, looming danger within the film (until Mahesh baboo saves the day) to fuel the thin story, however Anil is therefore held in weaving 2 mismatched story-lines along that he forgets to stay the repetitiousness in restraint. He banks on you to suspend disbelief for the foremost half and given as however the film doesn’t take itself too seriously within the 1st place, it'd work for a few.

Ajay avatar (Mahesh Babu) is that the loyal soldier denote at Kashmir WHO can disable bombs while not safety suit on and walk into operations while not a helmet on his head – that’s however you recognize he likes to measure life on the sting and is that the hero as a result of he has nothing to lose. faculty member Bharati (Vijayashanthi) may be a jingoistic girl and one mother WHO has lost her eldest kid once he was serving within the army and is nonetheless able to send her second son (Satya Dev) to serve too. She conjointly incorporates a biological girl with the exception of associate degree adopted one and is somebody WHO doesn't recoil from taking robust choices to confirm the nice emerge victorious. Then there’s Kurnool MLA Nagendra (Prakash rule) who’s the epitome of evil as a result of that’s what Prakash Raj will best.

In a tale utterly unrelated to the present, there’s Samksruti (Rashmika Mandanna), her verifyi mother (Sangeeta) and tired father (Rao Ramesh). Her favorite diversion happens to be to propose wedding to anyone she sees with great care she doesn’t marry the person her father selected for her. therefore it’s solely natural that once she sees Ajay, she latches on to him sort of a leech and refuses to leaving behind, consent and selection be damned. however it’s all fun and games and undoubtedly shown in lighter vein until a pretend rape scene is staged and after all, she’s conjointly wrestled into the opposite 1/2 the story by force.

The good half regarding Sarileru Neekevvaru is that it ne'er takes itself too seriously. What’s conjointly sensible is that despite the paper-thin story Anil builds on, he doesn't veer in a very direction you'd expect the story to require. The manner Ajay’s character is constructed, he looks to love to throw some punches, deliver a speech and crack a joke or 2 to lighten the mood (in that sequence). The character is totally equivalent to his roles from the first 2000s and may be a rhetorical device that may work with fans. therefore simply after you realise one thing utterly implausible went on on-screen, you're reminded that this is often a billboard somebody.

The much-hyped scenes within the train drag on due to a number of the jokes not landing. Also, what doesn’t work is that Anil looks to require to hammer the message home rather than holding his audience assume. The jokes get repetitive, therefore do scenes, the catch lines and every one that utter troopers serving at the border and nationalism, greatness of Alluri Seetharama Raju ar perennial such a lot, you only want there was the simplest way to inform the director you get it! The jokes too regarding Rao Ramesh’s family being crazy, you don’t have to be compelled to tell U.S. such a lot of times, we have a tendency to know! to not mention that climax that veers between idealism and comedy, unsure of that aspect to require. Phew! The less same regarding it the higher. Also, actor avatar certain is there within the film, simply not within the manner you’d assume.

Mahesh baboo will an honest job of taking part in a person WHO can serve the country, crack jokes and shield. It’s been lang syne he got an opportunity to act in a very film like this and he grabs the chance with each hands, giving it his all. Rashmika Mandanna is there. She woos, gets hyper, dances, incorporates a catch-line, all for the male lead, however why she exists during this tale, aside from to fawn over him may be a mystery. Vijayashanthi gets a solid role, and therefore the manner she’s found out you expect such a lot additional from her character. however once even her role is reduced to mouthing one-liners laudatory the hero, there’s solely such a lot one will do. She too offers it her all although, particularly in associate degree emotional scene, therefore do Prakash rule and Ajay in roles they'll play in their sleep.

DSP’s music for the film is okay, with Daang Daang gap the film on associate degree sudden note however he's therefore Cute and Mind Block (which is super-fun to watch) being awfully misplaced and breaking the flow of things. Suryudivo Chandrudivo and Sarileru Neekevvaru ar the numbers that match the narrative and comes at apt time. His background score but works and gets the duty evaded overwhelming the narrative. Rathnavelu’s picture taking too works however is sadly overshadowed by subpar VFX shots. The action by Ram-Lakshman is participating.

Sarileru Neekevvaru undoubtedly has its moments however Anil Ravipudi’s puffed narrative that tries too laborious, to not mention do everything quickly while not a correct structure in situ proves to be a significant disadvantage. This one’s price looking forward to Mahesh baboo and Vijayashanthi, particularly if you miss looking at them in prime type. Meeku ardham avtonda?

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