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Guna 369 full movie Hindi dubbed download.

Guan 369 full movie Hindi dubbed download.

Guna 369 Movies Story

The movie revolves around a happy-go-lucky youngster named Guna, whose life revolves around his friends, family and the girl he loves. But Guna is left with no choice when he is framed for a crime he didn't commit. How he solves the case and proves his innocence form the crux of the story.

Kartikeya Gummakonda of Rx 100 and Hippi has given a brilliant performance. His action and dialogue diction are the highlights of Guna 369. Anagha LK, who is making her debut in Telugu, has tried her best to do justice to her role. Her glamour and chemistry with the hero are among the attractions of the film. Other artists have also delivered their best

Guna 369 Movie's cast $ Crew 

Guna 369 Movie's Release Date

The movie is scheduled to release on 2 August 2020. The Satellite Rights has been bagged by Sen Tamil at a profitable price.

Guna 369 Movie's Trailer

Guna 369 Movie's Box Office Collection

The movie has done excellent business in its 1st day and continues its steady in 2nd day too. The movie has collected 4.50 crore on its 1st day and manage to collect around 3 crores on its 2nd day of box office and the movie has collected 4.80 crores on its 3rd day of the box office. The movie has got positive reviews from the audience which helps to grow up in the future collection.

Guna 369 Movie's Reviews

The movie opens with a couple on a scooter, at a clinical shop, buying contraceptives. The owner of the scientific keep clicks pix of the couple and shares it with his hand, who observes the couple and rape the lady. Guna(Karthikeya Gummakonda) an engineering graduate and additionally a man with ethics and concepts works as an advertising supervisor in a granite quarry. He is a blissful go fortunate man who meets Gita ( Anagha). He by no means entails in any quarrels which is no longer associated to him. He searches a suit for his sister and meets Sashi, A scientific save proprietor who, to him, seems to be a first-rate man and is an acquaintance of his dearest buddy (Ramesh Achanta). Sashi, with his friends, whilst inebriated at a Dhaba, gets into an altercation with Gaddalagunta Radha(Aditya Menon). Upon realizing who Radha is, they flee the scene and Sashi strategies Guna for help. Guna speaks with Sashi and asks him to forgive him. to which Sashi tactfully agrees and asks Guna to set the assembly spot. Upon arriving, Radha brutally hits Sashi, when he and his gang of buddies assault and kill him be beheading while preserving Guna down through throwing sand in his eyes. Guna is arrested on the prices of accents to murder. Upon release, all his neighbors keep away from Guna. Guna also learns that Gita had dedicated suicide as her father desired to marry anyone else and had threatened her with his suicide. Radha's hench guys begin attacking Guna's household with the intent of making him suffer. Guna retaliates and takes injured and piled up goons in an automobile to Radha's region the place his mom offers him a week to hit upon and kill Sashi and his gang. While looking out for answers, Guna sees a bunch of children taking part in Hide and Seek, the place children provide him a notion that Sashi and gang are hiding at a Police's place. Guna's boss, the query owner, advises him to meet a one city SI. While the SI rubbishes the idea,It is published that he is, in fact, harboring them. Guna reaches the SI's residence to bribe him and sees Sashi and all thru a reflection on the glass. He assaults all of them. He is, in the subsequent scene, considered consuming at the seaside with his pal (Mahesh Achanta) and calls up his father ( Naresh) and tells him that he is going to return to jail. His pal berates him advising him to hand over Sashi and gand to Radha's mother. Guna then displays that he has learned from SI that Guna's buddy ( Mahesh Achanta) and stimulated Sashi and buddies to kill Radha as Radha had before humiliated Mahesh's family. SI additionally informed Guna that Gita had come to Mahesh for a recommendation when Sashi and all together with Guna's pal had raped her and filmed the crime and threatened to launch it. She commits suicide fearing penalties and blackmail. Guna beheads the entire gand, without Sashi and His buddy and chops off their limbs, announcing demise is an effortless punishment and surrenders to police and makes the SI file the whilst thing. While Guna is praised for killing rapists, he surrenders to police and film ends with him releasing reformatory with intention of beginning a new life, letting go of Gita's thoughts.

Guna 369 Movie's songs Lyrics

Bujji Bujji Bangaram Lyrics 

Kalalo Kooda Kashtam Kadhe Ee Hayi, Katha Mottham Thipesave Ammayi,

Vadalakunda Pattukunta Nee Cheyi, Nuv Atta Nachesavoi Abbayi,

Nammaleka Nammaleka Nannu Gicchukuntunna, Noppi Putti Ekkadleni, Santhoshamlo Thulluthunna,

Navvaleka Navvaleka Potta Pattukona, Picchi Patti Nuvvese Chindhulne Choosthunna,

Thappadhika Bharinchave Na Bangaram, Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Vayyaram Challuthundi Theepi Karam,

Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Yavvaram Thenchutundi Siggu Dharam,

Ye Sontha Voorilo Kalla Mundarey, Kottha Dharulenno Puttayey, Anthelera Jantagunte Anthelera,

Sontha Varitho Vunnaninnaley, Gurthuramu Pomanannayey, Jathalo Padithe Jarigey,

Jadhu Idhega Muddhulenno Pettaliga, Petti Gallo Pampaliga, Oopirantha Gandham Aipoyenthaga,

Mundukoche Unnanuga Endukamma Inka Daga, Nannu Malli Malli Voorinchenthaga,

Thappadhika Bharinchara Na Bangaram, Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Yavvaram Minchipothe Peddha Neram,

Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram, Nee Vayyaram Pettamaku Antha Dhooram,

Ye Ninnu Thakithe Okkasariga, Pattukunde Nannu Adhrushtam, Challe Challe Ekkuvaindi Thaggnchalley,

Unna Janmani Mundhu Janmani, Chutti Icchinanu Nee Ishtam, Arere Adhigo Mudhire Paithyam Adheley,

Unna Janmani Mundhu Janmani, Chutti Icchinanu Nee Ishtam, Arere Adhigo Mudhire Paithyam Adheley,

Enno Enno Annaruley, Enno Enno Vinnamuley, Vatti Matallone Enno Vinthaley,

Sarle Sarle Cheppavuley, Sandhu Sandhu Thippavuley, Vachi Chethallone Choopistha Bhaley,

Thappadhika Bharinchana Na Bangaram,
Bujji Bujji Bangaram,

Nee Yavvaram Nacchutundi Sukravaram,
Na Bangaram Bujji Bujji Bangaram,

Nee Vayyaram Gucchuthundi Poola Haram,

Guna 369 Movie's All Full Songs

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